A Farewell Message from the Former Chairman

June 30, 2023
Yasuyuki Hotta,
Chairman and Representative Director, KITZ CORPORATION

I would like to share a few words upon leaving my position as Chairman of the Japan Valve Manufacturers' Association (JVMA).

When I was appointed Chairman in June 2020, COVID-19 was spreading, and there were many obstacles in our business activities. However, the legal status of COVID-19 has been downgraded to the same level as flu since this May, and the pandemic is finally coming to an end. I believe this is a great time to pass the baton to new Chairman Nishioka and kick off the new administration. I look forward to the more robust activities of the JVMA in the future.

 Now, I would like to look back at the three tasks that I stated upon my appointment as Chairman.

The first is about work style reform.
Unexpectedly, remote work has been adopted rapidly in the pandemic, and the JVMA has quickly responded to new-normal work styles, such as by holding training sessions and various group meetings not only offline but also online.
It is important that the industry continues to flexibly adapt to changing circumstances to keep up with the wave of digitalization through the improvement of work efficiency and productivity by introducing IoT and AI.
Also, the "Valve Safety and Security Network" has been launched to improve occupational safety. I hope that through active group meetings for information sharing, the industry will become more worker-friendly and free of accidents and disasters.

The second is about human resource development.
Our member companies are facing difficulties in securing and developing human resources. In order to help in this regard, the JVMA has developed a wide range of training programs, from the acquisition of valve production and related skills to the utilization of an aging workforce. In recent years, we have opened our training program to non-members as a public seminar, contributing to the improvement of the industry's technological capabilities and recognition.
I also have great expectations that diverse human resources will lead the future valve industry by encouraging the activities of Seiryukai, which consists of next-generation managers, and the Valve Women's Network, which promotes active roles for women in the industry.

The third is about sustainability.
It is essential to have robust corporate management that can cope with disasters and pandemics in order to continue business in the future. Through such measures as holding seminars on business continuity planning, the JVMA has been encouraging its member companies to maintain and improve their corporate value.
Furthermore, the "Decarbonization Committee" was newly established in 2023 as a response to the urgent global issue of climate change and will discuss goals and plans for the promotion of carbon neutrality in the valve industry. I hope you will continue working on reducing environmental impacts to achieve a sustainable society.

This year is the final year of "V70," our three-year mid-term plan for fiscal years 2021–2023. The situation surrounding the valve industry has been challenging due to soaring raw material and energy costs. However, in order to achieve the "ideal" we initially aimed for, I expect that each organization will further strengthen cooperation and work vigorously under the leadership of new Chairman Nishioka.
I do hope that the JVMA will continue to evolve while fulfilling its role and responsibility of supporting Japanese industry, as stated in the slogan of V70, "All for Society: For the Further Evolution of the Valve Industry to Support Society".

From now on, I will support the JVMA from behind the scenes, and I hope that the new Chairman Nishioka and all member companies will continue to work together to energize the valve industry toward the 70th anniversary of the JVMA in 2024.
I would like to thank all of you, including our member companies, for your support over the past three years.

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